An effective way to survive the wrath of a Competitive Environment

A controversial yet essential technique to stabilize and strengthen our company, career, and even our relationship. This technique has been ripped off from the pages of the US Military Handbook! and I tweaked it a bit here and there, to better fit our practical needs.

Escaping the Myopic bubble:

Kill to Save? It might sound like an oxymoron, but it’s one of the powerful management strategies. In things that are really close to us, in this case, our career, school, or relationship - we only see what we want to see, and not the actual truth. We are often myopic, especially to the ones…

Adding powerful widgets to GitHub Profile README

This is a two-part blog, and if you haven't read the first part, check it out here: Creating GitHub README for Students (Part1).

This article covers some of the free open-source widgets that you can use in your GitHub profile to make it more appealing and add more informative.

This article includes Plug and Play code, which you can copy paste into your README, make minor edits, and get these widgets live on your Profile running within seconds.

I have used these widgets myself in my GitHub profile, you can check out the live demo in my Profile here: Laxmena-GitHub…

Lakshmanan Meiyappan — GitHub Profile README

I recently created my GitHub Profile README and it is one of the most useful features in GitHub. This isn't just any bio section, as one in LinkedIn.
Profile README supports Markdown! this opens up a lot of ways to present ourselves to the visitors and create the best first impression.

Feel free to checkout my GitHub profile README here:

What can be shared in Profile README?

README files are built using Markdown, it is highly customizable. There aren’t really any guidelines on what we can share and what you can’t share on this README, our only limit is our imagination.

My personal suggestion would be to…

My US F1 Student Visa Interview Experience

I’m an incoming graduate student joining MS in Computer Science in Spring’21 in the United States. This article details my visa experience and my preparations. If you are an aspiring student and curious to know how other visa interviews took place, go ahead and read this article, this can be helpful to you. Others, if you are here, just out of interest, read forward — this is my visa interview experience!

Background: I’m joining my master's program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I deferred my admit from Fall’20 to Spring’21 due to the pandemic.

US Visa interview process…

Src: Machine Learning Department, Carnegie Mellon University

Step by step guide to building a Deep Neural Network that classifies Images of Dogs and Cats.

Content Structure

Part 1:
1. Problem definition and Goals
2. Brief introduction to Concepts & Terminologies
3. Building a CNN Model
Part 2:
4. Training and Validation
5. Image Augmentation
6. Predicting Test images
7. Visualizing intermediate CNN layers

Problem Definition and Goals

Build a Convolutional Neural Network that efficiently classifies images of Dogs and Cats.

Baseline Performance:
We have two classification categories — Dogs and Cats. So the probability for a random program to associate the correct category with the image is 50%. …


Though IPL(Indian Premier League) is a bit late this year, the craze is still intact. Just like everything has taken a turn this year, IPL had to go through several changes too. I’m an ardent fan of a franchise called Chennai Super Kings, One of the most consistent teams in the history of the tournament. but they are having a really bad season this year. Cricket Experts criticized CSK’s choice of selection and the age of the players as the primary reason for the bad season. This theory has a wide range of approval from experts to fans, but…

Project 4 announcement — #100MLProjects #laxmena

P4: Predict Store Item demand prediction

Project Update:

After spending a considerable amount of time paper, pencils, and deriving mathematical equations for the previous project — Implementing Regression from scratch, I decided to take a break before proceeding to Advanced Regression algorithms from scratch.

For Project4 of 100MLProjects, I’ve opted to work on TimeSeries Forecasting. The fact that I do not know much about Time Series, is the main reason why I wanted to take up this project.

There is a live competition and a past contest in Kaggle. For learning purposes, I’ll work on the past contest for this project.


Hey there! People!
I’ve just completed Project3 or Shortly P3 of #100MLProjects, where I attempted to build Machine Learning Regression algorithms from scratch.

This is not a tutorial or walkthrough blog, but I'm detailing my experience doing this project. This project really turned out to be a really good learning experience for me, I had to face some challenges, but at the same time, I understood the areas that I need to work on.

I picked two regression algorithms for this project, to build from scratch with a goal of getting a deep understanding of the math behind it. …

Photo by 贝莉儿 DANIST on Unsplash

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out. -Robert Collier

About #100MLProjects:
100MLProjects is a Challenge where I try to attain proficiency in Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts by doing 100 Projects. The complexity of the projects keeps increasing as I progress through the challenge, so other Machine Learning/Deep Learning aspirants can also follow this path.

Note: Thank you, Harshavardini, Keerthivasini, Thameem and Nirmal for validating this project idea and providing additional inputs.

Project #3 Announcement:

Project: Implement Regression Algorithms from Scratch Goal: To understand how Regression Algorithms are built, and learn the underlying mechanics of the algorithms by…

Note: This project is done as part of the #100MLProjects— 100 Projects to Proficiency. To know more about this challenge, check out — #100ML Projects Journey towards Mastery . All my source-codes are available in Github

Note: If you are new to DataScience and want to learn how to build a Handwritten Digit Classifier, check out the ‘How to’ Section in this article.

Project-2 Goal: To build a Machine Learning model with a GUI that lets the user hand-draw a number on the screen, and the model predicts the digit.

Context: Handwritten Digit Classification is a classification problem, where…


Lakshmanan Meiyappan

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